Stacking Projectors on a cold night with Tiny Tempah

  • Production Company: Bikini FilmsArtist: Tiny Tempah / Kelly Rowland
  • Outdoor ProjectionProjector Stacking
  • Sanyo XF47 ProjecotrsDVI Distrobution

Event Projection were brought in to make Tinie Tempah’s new Music Video happen using a stack of projectors to project footage of the Rapper onto London buildings.

The basis of the location shoot was simple – to make Tiny Massive! If the directors could have had it their way it would have been projected on a sky-scraper but sadly the producer and budget put an immediate stop to this. In terms of choice of projection equipment, there is a very simple rule to remember: “The bigger the image, the bigger the projector”. The question is, what do you do when you need an image bigger than the brightest projector can produce? Answer, you use more than one.

Because the XF47’s can be run from a standard 13a socket, it was possible to run three from a modest sized generator, great when you’ve got 5 locations to shoot on a tight schedule!

Sadly, before the crew were ready to shoot, the mist descended and spoilt the fun. You can see the effect it had from the photos!