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Amazing Simplicity – Projection Mapping Video – Pablo Valbuena

We came across this beautiful and creative use of projection mapping and had to post it on our own blog. Pablo Valbuena has used the repeating patterns of tiles in architecture to create his work. The elegance is something that is rarely seen in big budget projection mapping projects but it’s a big step in the right direction. No doubt we’ll see this copied in the future. Watch the video and enjoy!

By Event Projection , - 28th Nov 2013
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Happy Halloween

It’s halloween and the perfect holiday to celebrate how you use video, audio & lighting equipment to transform venues, homes and buildings into a spooky spaces!

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Water Features and Audio

Bored of water coming out of your hose in a straight line? Here’s a video showing you how to change all that with a loudspeaker and a sine wave generator.

By Event Projection , - 25th Mar 2013
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Madrid LED Façade

Langarita–Navarro Arquitectos‘ rather splendid Led wall installation is relatively old news as it was installed in 2009 but it is a great example of how to combine architecture and technology.

By Event Projection , - 28th Feb 2013
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Microsoft’s Illumiroom: Projection Map Your Living Room!

How long has our industry got the monopoly on projection mapping? Rumours have it that Microsoft are planning on turning your living room into a giant 3D TV. They are currently working on illumiroom; a concept that combines a Kinect camera and a projector, IllumiRoom augments the area around your television creating an immersive gaming/viewing experience.

By Event Projection , - 25th Jan 2013
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The Power of Light

The Hayward Gallery is currently showcasing artworks created from the 1960s to the present day, including immersive environments, free-standing light sculptures and projections. Light Show explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of light by bringing together sculptures and installations that use light to sculpt and shape space in different ways.

By Event Projection , - 22nd Jan 2013
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Extreme close-ups

GoPro are now on there third incarnation of the Hero mini cams. These beauties have changed the face of sports and recreation photography giving almost anyone the ability to film high definition action footage. The wide angle lens and various mounting accessories, plus waterproofing capabilities and a very robust design make them the ultimate adventure accessory. As the name suggests it gives everyone access to the kind of technology that, just a few years ago, was only available to professional filmmakers.

By Event Projection , - 13th Dec 2012
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Kinetic Hacks

Xbox Kinect, if you didn’t know already, is the motion sensor plug-in for Microsoft’s all conquering Xbox 360 games console. The wireless webcam device is as good as it gets when it comes to video game (although ‘video game’ seems like an old school phrase now) interaction and beyond. Using an infrared laser projector and microchip for 3D motion tracking called ‘Light Coding’, the Kinect sensor creates a laser grid to calculate depth. The technology allows for gesture, facial and voice/ sound recognition. We’re certainly a long way from the days of Pong now…

By Event Projection , - 6th Dec 2012
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Silo 468, Helsinki

Urban regeneration project Silo 468 uses ‘environmentally interactive’ illuminations at a vast disused oil silo in Helsinki, Finland.

By Event Projection , - 4th Dec 2012
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Xbox Kinect at Audi City

Audi City London, which we mentioned last month, has combined interactive gaming with its range of vehicles to let you customise your perfect car, and see it drive around in front of you on a 210-inch screen.

By Event Projection , - 28th Nov 2012
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3D Printed DB5

If you haven’t yet seen Skyfall, the latest James Bond blockbuster, you might want to look away. Unfortunately, near the end of the film a Silver Birch Austin Martin DB5 – just like the one driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger – gets blown to smithereens. ‘No way!’ you cry. No, not really, it was in fact a 3D printed model of an Austin Martin DB5 and not the all-time classic Bond car. Phew…

By Event Projection , - 27th Nov 2012
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Amon Tobin’s ISAM project

Amon Tobin, Brazilian electronic musician, has just finished touring with his ISAM project, an audio-visual bombardment of the senses. Not your typical dance music gig, it’s a more cinematic approach to electronic beat performance. Ironic that Tobin once published the words: “f**k the visuals, we’re sinking every last penny into the sound-system” on his website.

By Event Projection , - 26th Nov 2012
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Building Beats

Have you been wondering what to do with all those Lego bricks you ‘grew out of’ a few years ago? Well, before you put them on ebay, why not try building your own beat sequencer. By combining those little Danish bits of plastic with the DJ software Ableton Live, SoundMachine converts the colour information of the bricks to generate a synthesised beat.

By Event Projection , - 23rd Nov 2012
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Remote Controlled Lightbulbs

Philips, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world, has a new wireless LED lighting system that can produce over 16 million colour variations. Not only are the LED bulbs controlled remotely via your wireless router, they are also energy saving. You can connect to 50 of these bulbs using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Blinking heck!

By Event Projection , - 22nd Nov 2012
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I can stand the Rain

Controlling the weather is something a lot of people in the UK wish they could do. A look out the window 9 times out of 10 will tell you how disappointing the forecast usually is. When the sun comes out it’s a mad dash to the park or any corner of an outdoor space to soak up those sunrays. We put up with more than our fair share of cloud, rain, cloud and rain. So why on earth would you want to create even more rain?

By Event Projection , - 17th Oct 2012
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Micro October Fest

Oktoberfest takes place in Germany this weekend and whilst many people will be making the ‘pils-grimage’ (get it?) to Germany for a good old beer fest in lederhosen, we’re going to enjoy our own beer-soaked celebrations a bit closer to home. It seems there’s microbreweries popping up all over the place in the UK right now and we thought it would be somewhat refreshing to recommended our top five craft-beer creators in the UK so you can enjoy your very own micro-October-fest.

By Event Projection , - 12th Oct 2012
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London Design Festival: Walk the Light

The 10th annual London Design Festival connects hundreds of events together showcasing London as a centre for the world’s creative forces. Running between the 14th and the 23rd of September, there are numerous exhibitions and installations, but Walk the Light by Cinimod Studios is one of our favourites.

By Event Projection , - 18th Sep 2012
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The V Motion Project

Directed my Matt and Jonny from Assembly agency in New Zealand, this is one hot video, hats off to you chaps.

By Event Projection , - 15th Sep 2012
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