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Amazing 360 Projection Theatre

Last weekend we popped down to Cody Dock in East London for the launch event of GaiaNova 360 Theatre. The event was put together by a couple of friends of Event Projection and has been several years in the making. Using a bespoke dome as a projection screen, with the audience sat underneath it, the […]

By Lianne Westwood , Website & Marketing - 14th Jul 2017
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Event Projection exhibiting at The Event Production Show

We are excited to announce that next month, on the 1st & 2nd March 2017, we will be exhibiting at The Event Production Show, stand C25E.  EPS is the UK’s leading exhibition for the live event sector, at London’s Kensington Olympia. Event Projection will be showcasing some of our recent and most exciting projection mapping work. […]

By Lianne Westwood , Website & Marketing - 16th Feb 2017
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3-D Holographic Projection

Holography, from the Greek words for “whole” and “writing/ drawing”, is the technique for creating three-dimensional images. Discovered accidentally by physicist Dennis Gabor in the 1940s, it was only when lasers developed in the 1960s that the first optical hologram was created. Using halogen-based photographic emulsions to record 3-D images on 2-D surfaces, in simple terms holograms split and stretch recorded light into 3-D shapes.

By Event Projection , - 15th Oct 2012
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The Olympic Cauldron

Here at EP we’ve found ourselves getting carried away with the London 2012 Olympics. It’s hardly surprising considering how successful it’s been. To have the Games on home soil was not only exciting, it’s inspired the whole country.

By Event Projection , - 15th Aug 2012
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