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Amazing 360 Projection Theatre

Last weekend we popped down to Cody Dock in East London for the launch event of GaiaNova 360 Theatre. The event was put together by a couple of friends of Event Projection and has been several years in the making. Using a bespoke dome as a projection screen, with the audience sat underneath it, the […]

By Lianne Westwood , Website & Marketing - 14th Jul 2017
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Projected Sets Have Landed

Projected sets are the future; the benefits of a mapped set are endless. They are creative and allow live event specific updates, twitter feeds and sponsor logos. Thy can be designed to budget or you can really go to town with content and design creating something incredible for your event.

By Event Projection , - 8th Oct 2013
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Turning New York Yellow Cabs into new BMW iConcept Cars

This fine example of experiential marketing caught our eye recently. What better way to off your new car than to get it on the streets of one of the biggest cities in the world? That’s exactly what BMW did with the aid of some digital trickery, some rear projection film and a couple of projectors.

By Event Projection , - 25th Mar 2013
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Ultra High Definition – 4K is Coming to a Screen Near You!

If you’ve just bought a new telly you may want to look away now because you’re state of the art full HD plasma or LED TV is soon to be superceeded by the next generation of 4K, Ultra HD screens are just around the corner and you’re about to see lots more ladies smiling next to big screens!

By Event Projection , - 17th Jan 2013
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Move with the times!

Over the years we have had some strange requests, we laughed at the time declared our client was mad and moved on. But now believe it or not technology has produced these items and has left us wondering else is possible?

By Event Projection , - 18th Oct 2012
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3-D Holographic Projection

Holography, from the Greek words for “whole” and “writing/ drawing”, is the technique for creating three-dimensional images. Discovered accidentally by physicist Dennis Gabor in the 1940s, it was only when lasers developed in the 1960s that the first optical hologram was created. Using halogen-based photographic emulsions to record 3-D images on 2-D surfaces, in simple terms holograms split and stretch recorded light into 3-D shapes.

By Event Projection , - 15th Oct 2012
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Event Projection become first UK company to stock Coemar LEDko Lighting

Event Projection are to be the first UK hire company to take on Coemar’s new LEDko P Profiles. The new profile fixtures from Coemar are set to revolutionise lighting and are a major leap in LED technology. They are based around the classic ETC Source Four profile. In addition to Coemar’s own 18-40° lens tube, the units will also accept all exciting ETC Source Four optics. Event Projection have also placed an order for Coemar’s fresnel lens tube which makes these fixtures even more flexible. The output of the Coemar units is quite amazing, comparable to a 575w Source Four yet only pulling 150w. As a company that revolves around cutting edge equipment, the units fit our spec for any new kit and the LEDko lights are nothing short of ground breaking. We expect to take delivery of the units in early October and looking forward to some quick and easy installs with out the usual requirement for heavy power and dimmer racks.

By Event Projection , - 15th Sep 2012
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