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Past Projections: Stanley Kubrick

One of the greatest filmmakers of all time, American-born Stanley Kubrick is famed for unique cinematography, powerful music scores and superb attention to detail. Kubrick also proved he could do any genre including war (Full Metal Jacket), black-comedy (Dr. Strangelove), horror (The Shining) and science fiction (2001: Space Odyssey).

By Event Projection , - 3rd Dec 2012
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Past Projections: The Cinematograph

Auguste and Louis Lumière are the French brothers widely regarded as the creators of the moving image. Born two years apart, the brothers worked for their father’s photographic firm, developing still photography using the dry-plate process and then film perforations, which helped to move film through the camera and the projector.

By Event Projection , - 15th Oct 2012
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