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Water Features and Audio

Bored of water coming out of your hose in a straight line? Here’s a video showing you how to change all that with a loudspeaker and a sine wave generator.

By Event Projection , - 25th Mar 2013
Posted in Caught Our Eye / Sculpture

3-D Holographic Projection

Holography, from the Greek words for “whole” and “writing/ drawing”, is the technique for creating three-dimensional images. Discovered accidentally by physicist Dennis Gabor in the 1940s, it was only when lasers developed in the 1960s that the first optical hologram was created. Using halogen-based photographic emulsions to record 3-D images on 2-D surfaces, in simple terms holograms split and stretch recorded light into 3-D shapes.

By Event Projection , - 15th Oct 2012
Posted in New Technology / Events / Sculpture