Can Event Projection Design our Stage Set?

In short, yes we can!

We can supply off the shelf set panels too which can be a cheaper alternative however the venue’s proportions often dictate that a custom set is more suitable.

Stage Flats are generally built from a frame of timber and covered in a choice of finishes, usually felt but other finishes such as PVC are available. Off the shelf flats are available in a limited range of sizes hence why a custom set is preferable.

When designing a custom set our project managers will discuss factors such as positions and sizes of any video or projection screens to be integrated as well as how the set is to be lit. You may also wish to consider the use of a projection mapped set. Instead of using a standard projeciton screen, we can potentially use the whole set as a screen and various information can be projected on various ares. See our news artical here for more details.