Should I use LED lights?

LED lighting has many advantages over conventional such as far lower power consumption which is very handy if you have limited power. They also give off far less heat than conventional, great if lights are required in sensitive situations. Colour mixing – LED fixtures often use separate RED, GREEN and BLUE LEDs and many have a white or amber which heps to generate pastel colours as well as “whiter” whites.

When all are on, they mix to produce white light but by controlling the intensity of each colour, millions of different colours can be achieved.

Although LEDs are improving dramatically, conventional lighting is generally considered brighter and will give a more defined beam, particularly attractive if used with smoke and haze. The difference in intensity however is getting less and less. Today, we can supply LED profiles as bright as conventional 575w tungstens.

LED lighting remains more expensive than conventional per comparable fixture but if using conventional lighting, costly dimmers, power distribution and cabling and reduced set-up and maintainance can counter total cost dramatically, not to mention the cost of your electricity bill!