Film Screenings

Using the latest in digital projection it is now a great deal easier to screen a film almost anywhere, be it at home, outdoors or anywhere else you can think of! At Event Projection we stock a large variety of equipment and our service allows you to do just that. From home cinema spec Full HD projectors right up to the biggest and brightest projectors and screens for the largest of screenings and premieres.. We don’t stop there either. We can provide a complete system for film screenings including stereo or surround sound, playback and lighting as well as technicians to make it happen. In the past we have screened films at festivals, in schools, underground in tunnels, on the beach, in the woods, the list goes on! It is extremely important to us that our customers receive the advice and support they require throughout their event from beginning to end. If you would like to talk to us about a screening, please get in touch.

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