Product Launch

A successful event can transform sales figures particularly if it is picked up and backed by a successful media campaign and social networking. If you are considering an event to promote your brand, Event Projection are here to bring it to life with technology. Our team of project managers and creatives can aid from ideas and proposals to implementation and results.

Creative technology can make your product launch.


A recent launch for Lucozade where we provided lighting and video for 2 stages with 4 screens was extremely successful for the company. The story of the launch of their new advertising campaign was picked up by many newspapers, radio stations and online news sites which spread like wildfire over the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Projection Mapping: Audemar's launch event


Another service that has been popular of late to generate all important web chatter is guerrilla projection. This cheeky form of advertising is very much in the face of the customer and press. By projecting your artwork onto buildings your brand can be visible to a potentially enormous audience. This is just the beginning too. Guerrilla projection is often picked up by the press particularly if it is interesting, risky or ties in with current affairs. We have perfected our own brand of “drive-by” projection. If your stunt is aimed primarily at the press all that is important is that the photos are taken. After a detailed site visit, some maths and careful rigging we can potentially have the projection complete in minutes or even seconds! This means that there is less standing in the cold and reduced risk of interference by “others”. Check out our “Bank Job” where this technique was used.


If you are looking for something even more spectacular then maybe projection mapping would suit your campaign. By taking building projection to the next level instead of your artwork being projected onto a building the a whole building can be brought to life by bespoke projected content. This increasingly popular technique utilises the buildings shape, features and form and transforms it into a dynamic video display. Promoting a show like this is sure to get a great response and your brand is sure to be etched firmly on your customers. For more information, please call or see our projection mapping page.

Projection for Advertising Campaigns - Citroen


If you have a product launch coming up and would like to talk to a member of our team about doing something a little different, call today on 0207 232 1748 or send us an email.