Geometric Correction (Warping)

Geometric Correction in video processing can refer to Keystone but is more often used to describe detailed manipulation of a video source.

It is a feature found on high end projectors such as the majority of modern 3-Chip DLP machines as well as external video processing equipment such as Christie, Analog Way and Barco Video Switchers and scalers and Media Servers.

In high-end projectors, in addition to keystone function, the user can warp the image to wrap around a curved screen. By using PC software, it is also possible to bring up an illustration of a grid and drag an drop points to warp the image around more complex 3D objects with relative ease.

On Media Servers it is taken a step further and 3D CAD models may be imported, replacing the grid for ultimate accuracy of correction for projection on 3D surfaces, used in Projection Mapping.