A microphone is a device used to convert sound into an electrical signal which can then be processed, mixed and amplified before being sent to the loudspeakers where it is converted back to sound.

Used in many applications from telephones to hearing aids, we will concentrate on the application that our customers and ourselves at Event Projection will use them, namely live and recorded audio engineering.

Microphones are most commonly used to pick up speech from a singer on a stage for example but they can also be used to pick up (mic-up) instruments or in fact anything that makes a noise.

There are many different types of microphone but the most common design today uses a thin membrane that vibrates in response to sound pressure that is then translated into an electrical signal. Most microphones in use today for audio use electromagnetic induction (dynamic microphone), capacitance change (condenser microphone, piezoelectric generation, or light modulation to produce the signal from mechanical vibration.

There are many different types of microphone and ways in which they work but we will concentrate on the main types that we would use.