Avon Commerical utilising Immersive Projection


Late in 2018 we were tasked by production company Annex Films to create an immersive room for an Avon commercial. This particular ad was for their innovative Lash Flex Mascara, and the concept was to convey how brilliant flexibility can be. The treatment called for a sizeable projection set to transport the commercial’s lead character into different environments . In addition, she had to be shown to be in control of the projected world around her. She’s seen playfully manipulating and shaping her surroundings in order to convey the nature and flexibility of the product.

Our expertise was required initially to create 3D drawings in order to assess the correct size for the set and to ensure camera positions could be visualised. The result was a three-sided, 7 x 4m room set. We specified 20K projectors to provide a suitable brightness. These were fitted with Ultra-short lenses that allowed us to fill the walls without the talent obscuring them.

We projection mapped the content onto the walls using our high-spec media server chosen to provide output of 100Hz for slow-motion capture. The result was a highly polished Avon commercial now airing on TV.


Event Projection: Avon Commercial with immersive projection

Event Projection: Avon Commercial with immersive projection