Immersive Pop-up Event Space for Chanel

Event Projection were recommended to retail and production designers Acierta Retail to create an immersive space for Chanel for perhaps the ultimate pop-up event!

The exclusive exhibition of the Chanel Coromandel jewellery featured more than forty extremely high-end pieces, closely watched by an entourage of security at venue, Wild By Tart in Eccleston Yards in London.

Event Projection: Immersive pop-up space for Chanel

The collection of jewellery is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s lifelong infatuation of Cormandel scenes; scenes of flora and fauna and places afar. Our task was to enhance the exhibition with these scenes. This was done by projecting onto pairs of long fabric drapes suspended from the ceiling. There were seven pairs of drapes in total, and one projector was used on each.

The challenge began long before the installation with the task of finding the space to ensure the required projection throw onto the 4m high screens. Tricky in the limited space available. This could only be calculated in 3D and the process began by painstakingly measuring the venue including the various angles of the pitched roof, multiple beams and even the position of the irremovable lighting fixtures! This was 3D modelled, and along with the screens and some handy mapping software we were able to experiment with the positions of projectors to ensure that everything would fit.

Immersive pop-up space for Chanel

Immersive pop-up space for Chanel

The install went very smoothly. Seven Panasonic RZ970 projectors were chosen to provide a high output in a relatively compact package. Their laser light-source ensured that they would be suitable to be installed in portrait for the 3-day show.

The 15-minute content loop was created and played back via our Avolites Ai Media servers which also catered for the mapping of the 14 separate surfaces. Our tech team were also able to create a really user-friendly system. This enabled our clients full control using only 5 buttons to turn the projectors on and off and switch between the main and back-up servers. Additionally we also  put this on-line so that we are able to remote into the system for back up, should it be needed.

The video created a fantastic and original immersive space that provided a mesmerising backdrop the unbelievable jewellery. The effect was almost like a life-like wallpaper, with a mystical, dream-like quality to it.

Immersive pop-up space for Chanel

Immersive pop-up space for Chanel