Interactive Digital Art Exhibition at The National Children’s Museum

Event Projection has a history of working within the arts at high-profile galleries. We have Galleries such as Saatchi and Lazarides have trusted our technical production for innovative digital art exhibitions, utilising both immersive and interactive technologies. Which is why art and technology curators “Lumen Prize” got in touch with us to work with them on their show Fusion: Adventures in Digital Art.

The Lumen Prize for Digital Art has staged more than 40 shows in 13 countries. In 2018 it came to the UK, at the Spark Gallery in Eureka the National Children’s Museum in Halifax. The exhibition featured 14 works by 10 international artists who created interactive digital works for the exhibition, specially designed for children. The interactive digital art exhibition ran for 6 months. This in itself presented its challenges. With so many different and complex projections and screens, we had to ensure that the equipment was fit for the duration. But we also had to consider it would be used by over 100,000 children during the period.

Event Projection: Digital Art Exhibition at national children's museum

We supplied a total of 11 projectors, three 65” touchscreens and various computers, sensors and audio equipment were to the gallery. Set-up ran smoothly in just two days before the start of the exhibition in June. We networked the equipment to allow us to remotely monitor for any signs of problems and thankfully there were very few.