3D Projection Mapping – On A Miniature Scale!


Event Projection's Event Production stand showcasing 3D Projection Mapping

Along with many other players in the industry, in March 2017 we packed up our staff, some equipment (and some beer) and made ourselves a temporary home at the Event Production Show.  Held at Olympia London, on 1st and 2nd March, this show is an important destination for those in the events trade.

Our main goal for the two day event was to showcase how 3D projection mapping can be used.  We wanted to promote how it can be utilised in a wide variety of ways, for different events.  Also that it needn’t be limited to buildings, which is what many people imagine when they here the words projection mapping.

On a large screen we played our show reel, highlighting some of our most exciting projection mapping and large scale immersive projection projects. We also brought along small scale models of Chelmsford’s Shire Hall, and a human face.  Using some compact Pico projectors, we then projected custom mapped content onto these, demonstrating just how flexible and innovative 3D projection mapping can be.

Both of these models were inspired by real life projects we have been involved with.  In late 2015, we were at the European AIDS Conference in Barcelona, projecting the ageing affects that AIDs drugs have on patients onto a composited 3D head.  Then at the end of 2016, we helped Chelmsford City council get their residents into the Christmas spirit, with a three and a half minute festive themed journey, projected onto the Shire Hall.  Discover the complications we faced here.

Event Projection Small Scale 3D Projection Mapping

Over the two days we were flooded with visitors, and were really excited about some of the ideas and projects we were spoken to about.  We can’t wait for some of these to become a reality, and will of course share them with you here as soon as they happen!

If you have an idea of how projection mapping could be used at an upcoming event or shoot, please give us a call on 0207 232 1748. We’d love to be on board with making your ideas become a reality.