Cambridge University Ball Projection Mapping

Cambridge University balls are famed for their exuberance and this year was certainly no exception. For the Trinity May Ball in 2014 at Trinity College, Cambridge, Event Projection were invited along to bring a first for the college ball; Projection Mapping. It was such a success it has now become almost a yearly event (for us and for them!) and we were back again for 2018.
The 17th century Wren library is the canvas and at first glance we knew if was the perfect setting for video mapping.

This project always has many challenges to overcome along the way, many of which are a consequence of the variety of entertainment taking place at the ball. Ideal projection positions were impossible due to the audience viewing position in front of the library. Trees, tents and even the river Cam also had to be worked around and after much debate; two stacks of Panasonic 20K projectors were used to illuminate the building. These had to be crossed over; the left stack focused on the right half of the building and the right on the left.

The ball committee were very keen for the content to have a narrative and the creative brief was based around astrophysics and time, both of which Trinity has played a large part in with various discoveries over the centuries.

The surprise 5 minute mapping show took place at 11pm after the fireworks show that was gatecrashed by the Cambridge locals on hundreds of punts on the river. In addition to the main show, additional content was created to light the wren during the course of the night.

Event Projection: Projection Mapping at Cambridge May Balll