Amon Tobin’s ISAM project

Amon Tobin, Brazilian electronic musician, has just finished touring with his ISAM project, an audio-visual bombardment of the senses. Not your typical dance music gig, it’s a more cinematic approach to electronic beat performance. Ironic that Tobin once published the words: “f**k the visuals, we’re sinking every last penny into the sound-system” on his website.

When the curtain lifts a huge structure of stacked cubes is revealed. Using projection mapping and visual engineering, the cubes create dynamic imagery to accompany Tobin’s soundscapes.

“It’s basically a vehicle for presenting the music. Each track has an imagery and colour scheme… a ship takes off, and the next track we have an engine room. In between there’s a meteorite hitting the ship, and the thing breaks off, and I’m in a little capsule that gets jettisoned off into space…”

The show features a number of dazzling touches, from timed explosions to the scale of the stage morphing smaller and then larger again. Green flames dance across the stage at one point and a giant animatronic cat licks its paws. Crazy and amazing.