Experiential Marketing for Brands

We have just seen a great video on YouTube. A secret monitor invention that has already had close to a million views on it’s first day online.

Secret Monitor
This has got us all a bit excited. The experiential marketing possibilities with this type of installation are endless.

Brands / A great way to connect consumers with your brand. Handing out branded (inexpensive) glasses with polarised lenses. The next step would be to inform over social media platforms buzz about what these can be used for.  Next step a window or private location installation with your message. Consumers/clients have to photograph and share your secret message/image via social media to win prizes. Building your community through direct relevant interaction whilst being at the forefront of technology.

The comments made under the YouTube video are pretty apt too!

If you would like to hear more ideas and you are interested in how you can do this with your brand get in touch here.