Extreme close-ups

GoPro are now on there third incarnation of the Hero mini cams. These beauties have changed the face of sports and recreation photography giving almost anyone the ability to film high definition action footage. The wide angle lens and various mounting accessories, plus waterproofing capabilities and a very robust design make them the ultimate adventure accessory. As the name suggests it gives everyone access to the kind of technology that, just a few years ago, was only available to professional filmmakers.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite examples of GoPro films. It’s difficult to choose as there are so many. Our advice is, if you don’t have one already, bag yourself a GoPro and get out there. (We take no responsibility for injury).

Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas – traditionally the start of the ski season – here’s the first of our GoPro selection.

It highlights not only how much fun you can have in the snow but how easy it is to make cool homemade movies with the GoPro. Just make sure you have something interesting to shoot at Christmas and not just footage of Grandad snoring.

A nice edit here using the Hero again documenting people having lots of fun in the great outdoors. Snowboarding, skidoos and huskies. It’s a hard life…

Some amazing sky diving footage. A verynicely produced edit here but essentially showing you how bonkers base jumping is… If you don’t have the means or the stomach for it… GoPro provides the next best thing…

Finally experience burning man without having to survive the perils of the desert.  Go Pro!