The Future of Immersive Storytelling

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Could the New National Centre be the Future of Immersive Storytelling?

The UK is a leading figure in immersive technologies – and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what they can do!

But, as a country we’ve recently taken a huge leap forward.

The StoryFutures Academy is the UK’s National Centre for Immersive Storytelling. It has the power to develop the creative skills of the UK workforce and take AR, VR and MR to the next level.

How exactly will it do this? Let’s take a closer look…

What Does the Academy Aim to Do?

The National Centre has a number of different aims, each with the goal of making the UK a leading figure in the immersive space.

These include:

• Offering state of the art training programmes
• Promoting new productions
• Giving screen-talents the chance to work in cutting-edge productions

Together, these hope to ensure our creative workforce is the most skilled in the world when it comes to augmented and virtual reality.

Creating New Opportunities for All

Immersive technologies present many exciting opportunities, however they need to be made more accessible to all.

The centre is committed to giving a voice to many creatives. It aims to bring together a diverse range of people, from artists to researchers, to take storytelling to the next level. This means no one will be excluded due to their income, for example.

The UK already has a wide talent pool when it comes to the creative space. Academies such as StoryFutures serve to develop this further, arming people with the tools they need to harness immersive technologies.

Event Projection: Could the New National Centre Be the Future of Immersive Storytelling?

Why Does This Matter?

We’re standing on the precipice for the new future of storytelling.

AR, VR and MR have the power to completely change how audiences perceive and experience the world around us. Creativity captivates and enthrals audience worldwide – and the UK has an abundance of talented individuals at the forefront of this.

Business Opportunities

Unsurprisingly, this presents a number of virtual reality business opportunities for many different companies.

Exploring these possibilities is vital to the UK economy. Immersive tech can transform a number of different industries and spaces, including:

• Shopping centres
• The theatre
• TV
• Video games
• Classrooms
• Marketing
• Apps

Pushing Boundaries

Creative storytelling isn’t limited to one particular platform. It’s likely we haven’t even scratched the surface of what these technologies can do!

For example, AR glasses has now made it possible for audience members with hearing loss to experience theatre productions.

So, what’s next? What opportunities are waiting to be unlocked? Centres such as this make it possible for new projects to be brought to life!

What Role Did Innovate UK Play?

The StoryFutures Academy is a key part of the Audiences of the Future programme, which aims to create new products and opportunities for creatives.

This is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which aims to make the UK a world-leading research base. The government is investing £33 million to create and test new experiences and develop new talent.

How people experience the world is changing – largely thanks to immersive tech. Soon, the way we captivate audiences will be completely unrecognisable!

If you want to find out more about this we recommend subscribing to Innovate UK’s YouTube channel.


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