I can stand the Rain

Controlling the weather is something a lot of people in the UK wish they could do. A look out the window 9 times out of 10 will tell you how disappointing the forecast usually is. When the sun comes out it’s a mad dash to the park or any corner of an outdoor space to soak up those sunrays. We put up with more than our fair share of cloud, rain, cloud and rain. So why on earth would you want to create even more rain?

Digital and immersive art makers Random International have created a wet and wonderful installation at London’s Barbican. It’s called Rain Room and simulates a good old British downpour. The space stages a simulated rain shower with a 100 square metre mist of falling water.

But the best part is that visitors to the interactive installation can walk through, and ‘control’ the rain. Motion sensors work to keep the water away from anyone entering the room. As the person moves around they are surrounded by a wall of water, but stay perfectly dry.

“The installation simulates nature in a seemingly impossible environment. You can wander freely through perpetual rainfall and remain untouched by the drops falling all around you.”

It’s a dream come true, walking about in a rain shower, hearing, smelling and seeing the water but staying completely unscathed from those menacing moisture droplets. It’s virtually like controlling the weather. If only it applied on the way home. A brilliant show combining technology and art with absolutely no need for umbrellas or wellington boots.

Rain Room runs from 4th October – 28th February 2013 at the Barbican, London