Micro October Fest

Oktoberfest takes place in Germany this weekend and whilst many people will be making the ‘pils-grimage’ (get it?) to Germany for a good old beer fest in lederhosen, we’re going to enjoy our own beer-soaked celebrations a bit closer to home. It seems there’s microbreweries popping up all over the place in the UK right now and we thought it would be somewhat refreshing to recommended our top five craft-beer creators in the UK so you can enjoy your very own micro-October-fest.

5. BrewDog

Having created a 32% beer and being from Scotland the reputation of Aberdeen’s BrewDog gives them a place in this line-up. We’ll stick to the slightly less alcoholic stuff, thanks.


4.Dark Star Brewing Co.

Right down the other end of the country, Brighton’s Dark Star Brewing Co. started out in 1994 in the cellar of a pub. Their hoppy beers are now very well known and they boast a big selection of brews.


3. Beavertown Brewery

These chaps take inspiration from the North Americans with their distinctive American flavours and names like ‘Neck Oil’ and ‘8 Ball’. These kind of beers can certainly be enjoyed with some BBQ ribs or whilst sitting on the bonnet of a Ford Mustang (but don’t drink and drive). Apparently the name comes from a Cockney name for the area of east London where they make the brews…


2. Camden Town Brewery

North London’s finest brewery hasn’t been around that long but they have been winning plaudits all over the place in the last two years. Now they have their own bar on-site at their Kentish Town brewing facility. They also have regular caterers on hand to serve burgers and more, washed down with a pint or two of their delicious brews. The Hells lager is made in the German tradition but they also do a mean pale ale brew.


1. Meantime Brewing Company

Speaking of mean brews, the Meantime Brewing Company is now one of London’s largest brewers (so not technically micro) . The Greenwich brewery has dozens of bespoke beers, from London Porter to a chocolate beer so we had to include them. The Meantime Pale Ale is our favourite and whilst it was tough choosing between Meantime and Camden, the amount of awards these guys have won tells you a lot about their beer.


So there you have it. If you can’t visit any of these breweries or find a local that serves one of these fine tipples, we recommend you order yourself a case online and get tucked in. Prost! (That’s German for cheers!)