Microsoft’s Illumiroom: Projection Map Your Living Room!

How long has our industry got the monopoly on projection mapping? Rumours have it that Microsoft are planning on turning your living room into a giant 3D TV. They are currently working on illumiroom; a concept that combines a Kinect camera and a projector, IllumiRoom augments the area around your television creating an immersive gaming/viewing experience.

According to Microsoft, all effects shown in the proof-of-concept video were recorded in real time, without any effects added in post-processing.

In a basic sense IllumiRoom achieves its effects through use of a Kinect sensor and a projector. The Kinect sensor maps the room then Illumiroom uses 3-D projection to cover your walls and furniture with images, breaking the boundaries of TV viewing and covering your room with your chosen content; a Halo warzone or David Attenborough’s rainforest (which ever takes your fancy!).

Last year Microsoft filed a patent “Immersive Display Experience” that includes a spherical, “environmental display” projector.
Tech blogs have indicated that the patent is rumoured to include Kinect 3D glasses, allegedly adding depth to objects and environments projected onto the walls.
There are so many speculations and un-answered questions so we will have to wait until E3 in June to find out more.