Remote Controlled Lightbulbs

Philips, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world, has a new wireless LED lighting system that can produce over 16 million colour variations. Not only are the LED bulbs controlled remotely via your wireless router, they are also energy saving. You can connect to 50 of these bulbs using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Blinking heck!

Called Hue, it isn’t the first remote–controlled light system; but it’s the first to allow you to customise your colours and make your environment match your mood or recreate colour from images on a device. For example, if you want to try and recapture a sunset from your last holiday, just pull up the image in the Hue software and you can display the same colours using a colour scale. You can also turn the lights on at home when you’re not, or set timers to bring your bulbs on in the morning. Additionally, your own bespoke lighting can help concentration, relaxation and will make you look cool in front of your guests.

As well as iTunes download, the app is also available via an open-source platform, so before long you’ll be able to control the lights at your local restaurant or café, just the way you like it. In the mean time, if you want to transform your location with LED lighting we’re here to help and you don’t even need a smartphone! Take a look at our lighting pages or check out our latest work for inspiration.