Xbox Kinect at Audi City

Audi City London, which we mentioned last month, has combined interactive gaming with its range of vehicles to let you customise your perfect car, and see it drive around in front of you on a 210-inch screen.

Upstairs at Audi City is a bank of four floor-to-ceiling ‘Power Walls’, each made up of nine 70-inch rear projection displays. Two of these have Kinect cameras monitoring aluminium crosses embedded in the floor. When someone steps onto the cross the Windows 7-powered system takes control allowing you to physically pick a model of Audi and see it spin and drive around on screen in full HD.

By using your body for interface navigation you can get a life-size feel for the car. Impressive audio comes from a directional 2.1 Sonus Sound Shower system. The four ‘Power Walls’ can also convert into one ultra-widescreen cinema system. Impressive.