C’SEED Massive 201” LED TV

Need a big new LED TV? The 201″ outdoor LED C’SEED screen might be for you!

Austrian Company “C Seed Entertainment Systems” have recently unveiled their faboulous new LED TV. This is no ordinary TV but a space age super screen!

Designed in colaboration with Porche Design Studio, the screen uses LED panels from Lighthouse Technology who have been at the forefront of LED screens for digital signage, entertainment, and stadiums. The 6mm pixel pitch panels used in the C’seed screen is some of the highest resolution available for outdoor use.

c'seed 201

The concept of a big folding LED screen is not new and if you’re so inclinded you could even buy trailer version and take it with you when you go glamping! The c’seed however is a particularly elegant solution to watching television, playing games outdoors. It’s integrated 15 speaker audio system and media server make one’s life a breeze.

They have thought of everything in the 11 m2 beast. Worried about the British climate; wind, rain and ice? The C’seed has a system of environmental sensors to prevent your $1,000,000 baby form damage!

Really Big TV!

After you press the on button on your 2.4Ghz remote control, the screen rises from the hole your slaves dug in the garden to a height or 15′ (4.6m). If you’re like me and youlike to sit square onto the screen, don’t worry and certainly don’t move, press rotate instead and make it move for you!

If you feel you’d rather not commit to the outdoor big screen  life before a test, fear not, we’d be only too happy to discuss the hire of an outdoor LED screen for your forecomng event, be it a fixed or trailer solution.