Prius x Parlee

Bicycles have been enjoying a real renaissance over the last few years and unless you’ve been living in the outback recently you’ll be aware of how much press the sport of road racing has been getting over what some term performance enhancing drugs. Well, we’re not too bothered about Louis Armstrong and whatever he got up to trying to get to the Moon and back. But we are rather intrigued by this little project: The Toyota Prius x Parlee concept Bike.

Paper boys throughout the land are rejoicing. because Parlee, an American firm based in Massachusetts who build state-of-the-art racing bicycles, were approached by Toyota to create a two-wheeled machine using¬†“the same mindset” and “innovative qualities” as a Toyota Prius. Whatever you think about a Toyota Prius, you should know that it is a leading example of forward thinking car technology. Prius wanted to bring their progressive and green philosophy from the world of four wheels into the realm of two (you know, push bikes).

After several brainstorming sessions between the Toyota Prius gang and the people of Parlee it was exactly the brain that became elemental to the project. Using a carbon fibre monocoque frame (very lightweight and stiff moulded plastic) the PXP bike blends the simplicity of a high-end racing bicycle with very forward-thinking (almost literally) technology.

‘Neuron-shifting’ is what it’s called and it basically means you can stay completely aerodynamic without having to use your hands to move around the gears of the bike. Combining a neuro headset and electronic gear system you control the speed you travel at just by thinking about it… But it’s also more than that. It can map your route involving GPS, allowing you to automatically shift to the correct gear, display your rotations per minute, speed and power output and help you become as efficient as possible on your journey by bike.

We couldn’t believe it at first, but it looks like soon you’ll be able to race to the shops to buy a pint of milk just by thinking about it. We don’t encourage texting at the same time, however.