Projected Sets Have Landed

Projected sets are the future; the benefits of a mapped set are endless. They are creative and allow live event specific updates, twitter feeds and sponsor logos. Thy can be designed to budget or you can really go to town with content and design creating something incredible for your event.

Event Projection had the pleasure of being the official technical partners for Social Media Week London at this years HQ venue.

We were delighted to showcase a projected set for our client and during the event we were able to highlight the many benefits of stepping away from your standard flat panel 2D set and why a creative, animated 3D projected set is the future.

The original design allowed for 3D main sponsor logos and 3D live twitter feed. Due to time constraints and budget we scaled back slightly. We did however keep a slight 3D element with the SMW logo on the far left top corner and we were able to create some fun animations and stings relevant to the event and sponsors.

SMW Original Design
SMW Projected Set

The main benefits of a projected set include:

Live Updates – as with all week long conferences and digital festivals the speaker presentations and running order are subject to change and often the content to display this info is made prior to the event. By controlling the design of the set through a media server we can manipulate the content on display and this can updated live during the event.

Integration with social media platforms – the set can have live twitter feeds integrated into the design as well as social media handles enabling your event to get involved with each presentation as and when they are on stage.

Design / Theme – the design of the set can be changed daily/ hourly however much you please. If you have a specific theme for the day content can be pre-produced to compliment this. Obviously the more content the more cost but we can always quote to a budget.

Light & Texture – a projected set provides the venue with lots of light and minimises the normal protocol of lots of lighting to highlight the set. By creating a mapped 3D set we can introduce texture and creativity to the set immersing your audience into your set.

Kraft Projected Set

An example of a larger scale/ higher budget 3D projection mapped set.

An example of LIGHTset- this is a unique reusable, lightweight & compact fabric set solution, combining 3D printed set images, clear crisp rear projection & opportunities for creative lighting.

We can work to all budgets and our design teams are able to produce sets that work with the event and content that is exciting and relevant. We had great feedback from SMW both client and attendees were interested in thi concept for their next events. call now on 0207 232 1748 to discuss your event and how we can make projected sets work for you.