Projection for Channel 4’s D-Day: As it Happens Documentary

We have recently been busy helping Windfall Films creating an amazing set for their forthcoming documentary; D-Day: As it Happens

The 24 Hour event is due for transmission on Channel 4 TV, internet and mobile devices on the 5th and 6th une 2013 to commenorate the aniversay of the D-day landings.

Speaking to us on the shoot, Windfall Films producer, Jason Hendriksen told us that the prgramms presented by Peter Snow would be influenced by modern 24 hour news and track the events as they happen.

Channel 4 Factual Multi-platform Commissioning Editor Kate Quilton says: “By tracking the events of D-Day in real time across platforms we’re aiming to create an experience that allows the audience to fully connect with the events of the day. It’s an incredibly exciting experiment in form.” source

It was a pleaseure workign with Windfall films in creating the set and seeing the archive and CG footage and we’ll be sitting tight for the coverage in early June.