Samsung Launches ‘Not A School 2020′

Samsung Launches ‘Not A School’ Enabling Gen Z to Create a Better Future for All

Samsung recently launched their Alternative education project for 18-25s, “Not A School 2020” and Event Projection was chosen to work on the teaser video. Not A School forms part of Samsung’s global commitment to educate and empower future innovators to achieve their full potential and become the next generation of leaders, pioneering positive social change.

Having previously done several similar set-ups for commercials, music promos and immersive spaces, led agency Iris to contact us early on. Our work on the shoot began in the early stages consulting on several potential directors treatments. This involved considering the shots and projection requirements as well as set-build and considering content, camera angles and rigging.

The end result had us utilising three Panasonic RZ21K projectors fitted with the latest Ultra-Short Throw lenses, the Panasonic ET-D3LEU100. These fantastic pieces of kit allow a very short throw of 0.37:1 and their phenomenal lens shift means that we were able to maximise the set-height within the studio. This all goes towards that ability for the director to be able to place their protagonist in the set with minimal worry about them obscuring the projection and creating an unwanted shadow.