Move with the times!

Over the years we have had some strange requests, we laughed at the time declared our client was mad and moved on. But now believe it or not technology has produced these items and has left us wondering else is possible?

The most exciting product to come into the world of AV has to be wireless lighting. Our Core Point 20 Wireless LED Uplighter’s are at the cutting edge of lighting technology. battery powered with over 2000 Lumen of brighness – plus no more cabling for our technicians!

This years Innovation Award at Plasa went to Avolites Media’s Groundbreaking Sapphire Media Infinity. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Avolites Media’s Sapphire Media Infinity represents the movement in technology, the powerful unit contains an incredible 8 Full HD outputs and conveniently, each DVI output has an accompanying preview output. The Ai Infinity also includes internal EDID management, LTC and MIDI Time-code, Genloc Input, Multi-Server Frame-sync and Master-Slave remote control which all goes to produce an incredibly flexible video controller.

The Avolites Media Sapphire Media Infinity has already been put to spectacular use at the Olympics and Para-Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The Ai Infinity was used to help map and control the 70,500 mini pixel screens located in the stadium seating, which together created the world’s largest video screen ever.

What next… the Hover Board?! If it means no more tubes I am defintely sold!