Touchscreen Month – Adidas Multiouch Footware Wall

June is interactive month at Event Projection and we’re opening with a look at how Adidas has used it to increase sales of footwear.

In the retail world Adidas is making waves utilizing touchscreen technology. With a highly intuitive content their customers can explore a virtual product range, far greater than could be physically displayed within the confines of a shop.

The intelligent wall comes to life when a customer approaches and makes the tricky decision whether to recommend male or female products. The user can then select a product, enlarge and rotate to see it in detail, view information sheets and check whether the product is in stock in their size.

Adidas have even used the technology to close the sale with staff armed with tablets to process the customer’s card details.

This is a great example of what interactive technology is capable of in retail. When compared to the cost of sufficient shop floor to display a as many products as Adidas has, the cost of developing and installing touchscreen technology can provide a more cost effective alternative.

Keep an eye on our blog this month for the next insight into interactive touchscreen tech.