Water Features and Audio

Bored of water coming out of your hose in a straight line? Here’s a video showing you how to change all that with a loudspeaker and a sine wave generator.

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Turning New York Yellow Cabs into new BMW iConcept Cars

This fine example of experiential marketing caught our eye recently. What better way to off your new car than to get it on the streets of one of the biggest cities in the world? That’s exactly what BMW did with the aid of some digital trickery, some rear projection film and a couple of projectors.

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Madrid LED Façade

Langarita–Navarro Arquitectos‘ rather splendid Led wall installation is relatively old news as it was installed in 2009 but it is a great example of how to combine architecture and technology.

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Microsoft’s Illumiroom: Projection Map Your Living Room!

How long has our industry got the monopoly on projection mapping? Rumours have it that Microsoft are planning on turning your living room into a giant 3D TV. They are currently working on illumiroom; a concept that combines a Kinect camera and a projector, IllumiRoom augments the area around your television creating an immersive gaming/viewing experience.

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The Power of Light

The Hayward Gallery is currently showcasing artworks created from the 1960s to the present day, including immersive environments, free-standing light sculptures and projections. Light Show explores the experiential and phenomenal aspects of light by bringing together sculptures and installations that use light to sculpt and shape space in different ways.

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Ultra High Definition – 4K is Coming to a Screen Near You!

If you’ve just bought a new telly you may want to look away now because you’re state of the art full HD plasma or LED TV is soon to be superceeded by the next generation of 4K, Ultra HD screens are just around the corner and you’re about to see lots more ladies smiling next to big screens!

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Extreme close-ups

GoPro are now on there third incarnation of the Hero mini cams. These beauties have changed the face of sports and recreation photography giving almost anyone the ability to film high definition action footage. The wide angle lens and various mounting accessories, plus waterproofing capabilities and a very robust design make them the ultimate adventure accessory. As the name suggests it gives everyone access to the kind of technology that, just a few years ago, was only available to professional filmmakers.

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Kinetic Hacks

Xbox Kinect, if you didn’t know already, is the motion sensor plug-in for Microsoft’s all conquering Xbox 360 games console. The wireless webcam device is as good as it gets when it comes to video game (although ‘video game’ seems like an old school phrase now) interaction and beyond. Using an infrared laser projector and microchip for 3D motion tracking called ‘Light Coding’, the Kinect sensor creates a laser grid to calculate depth. The technology allows for gesture, facial and voice/ sound recognition. We’re certainly a long way from the days of Pong now…

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Silo 468, Helsinki

Urban regeneration project Silo 468 uses ‘environmentally interactive’ illuminations at a vast disused oil silo in Helsinki, Finland.

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