Past Projections: Stanley Kubrick

One of the greatest filmmakers of all time, American-born Stanley Kubrick is famed for unique cinematography, powerful music scores and superb attention to detail. Kubrick also proved he could do any genre including war (Full Metal Jacket), black-comedy (Dr. Strangelove), horror (The Shining) and science fiction (2001: Space Odyssey).

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Xbox Kinect at Audi City

Audi City London, which we mentioned last month, has combined interactive gaming with its range of vehicles to let you customise your perfect car, and see it drive around in front of you on a 210-inch screen.

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3D Printed DB5

If you haven’t yet seen Skyfall, the latest James Bond blockbuster, you might want to look away. Unfortunately, near the end of the film a Silver Birch Austin Martin DB5 – just like the one driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger – gets blown to smithereens. ‘No way!’ you cry. No, not really, it was in fact a 3D printed model of an Austin Martin DB5 and not the all-time classic Bond car. Phew…

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Amon Tobin’s ISAM project

Amon Tobin, Brazilian electronic musician, has just finished touring with his ISAM project, an audio-visual bombardment of the senses. Not your typical dance music gig, it’s a more cinematic approach to electronic beat performance. Ironic that Tobin once published the words: “f**k the visuals, we’re sinking every last penny into the sound-system” on his website.

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Building Beats

Have you been wondering what to do with all those Lego bricks you ‘grew out of’ a few years ago? Well, before you put them on ebay, why not try building your own beat sequencer. By combining those little Danish bits of plastic with the DJ software Ableton Live, SoundMachine converts the colour information of the bricks to generate a synthesised beat.

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Remote Controlled Lightbulbs

Philips, the largest lighting manufacturer in the world, has a new wireless LED lighting system that can produce over 16 million colour variations. Not only are the LED bulbs controlled remotely via your wireless router, they are also energy saving. You can connect to 50 of these bulbs using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Blinking heck!

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Prius x Parlee

Bicycles have been enjoying a real renaissance over the last few years and unless you’ve been living in the outback recently you’ll be aware of how much press the sport of road racing has been getting over what some term performance enhancing drugs. Well, we’re not too bothered about Louis Armstrong and whatever he got up to trying to get to the Moon and back. But we are rather intrigued by this little project: The Toyota Prius x Parlee concept Bike.

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Move with the times!

Over the years we have had some strange requests, we laughed at the time declared our client was mad and moved on. But now believe it or not technology has produced these items and has left us wondering else is possible?

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I can stand the Rain

Controlling the weather is something a lot of people in the UK wish they could do. A look out the window 9 times out of 10 will tell you how disappointing the forecast usually is. When the sun comes out it’s a mad dash to the park or any corner of an outdoor space to soak up those sunrays. We put up with more than our fair share of cloud, rain, cloud and rain. So why on earth would you want to create even more rain?

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FAQs: What is 3D Holographic Projection?

Holography, from the Greek words for “whole” and “writing/ drawing”, is the technique for creating three-dimensional images. Discovered accidentally by physicist Dennis Gabor in the 1940s, it was only when lasers developed in the 1960s that the first optical hologram was created. Using halogen-based photographic emulsions to record 3-D images on 2-D surfaces, in simple terms holograms split and stretch recorded light into 3-D shapes.

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Past Projections: The Cinematograph

Auguste and Louis Lumière are the French brothers widely regarded as the creators of the moving image. Born two years apart, the brothers worked for their father’s photographic firm, developing still photography using the dry-plate process and then film perforations, which helped to move film through the camera and the projector.

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Micro October Fest

Oktoberfest takes place in Germany this weekend and whilst many people will be making the ‘pils-grimage’ (get it?) to Germany for a good old beer fest in lederhosen, we’re going to enjoy our own beer-soaked celebrations a bit closer to home. It seems there’s microbreweries popping up all over the place in the UK right now and we thought it would be somewhat refreshing to recommended our top five craft-beer creators in the UK so you can enjoy your very own micro-October-fest.

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