Chris Cunningham and Audi City

Artist Chris Cunningham started out sculpting prosthetic Alien heads for Ridley Scott. He then went on to combine his love of art, industrial design, film and sound as a director of music videos. Part of the same generation of video artists that include Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, and Jonathan Glazer; this elite group created cutting edge music videos in the 1990s.

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London Design Festival: Walk the Light

The 10th annual London Design Festival connects hundreds of events together showcasing London as a centre for the world’s creative forces. Running between the 14th and the 23rd of September, there are numerous exhibitions and installations, but Walk the Light by Cinimod Studios is one of our favourites.

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X-Factor 2012 Promos

Event Projection were on borad with ITV recently to promote the 2012 season of the X-Factor. A pair of 20K projectors were stacked to achieve a huge cinema for past contestants to watch themselves and their journeys through the show. The series goes on air in September as if you could possibly not know!

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Event Projection create a Giant iPad for Mattel at Westfield

On the 21 August, Event Projection installed a high-tech set for toy company Mattel to launch their new “Apptivity” toys, toy cars that interact with the company’s iPad apps. In addition to an 85″ plasma, a “Giant iPad” was created! The 10’x7′ iPad was built to scale for kids to play Mattels games by simply standing on it.

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